Ulli Knall

Dropped Vase II, Horse Washing, 2020, available in Shop

Dropped Vase VII, Baby Feeding, 2020, available in shop

Dropped Vase VI, Mirror Gazing, 2020, available in shop

Dropped Vase III, River Crossing, 2020, available in Shop

Dropped vase V, Load Baring, 2020, available in shop, This vase-sculpture is nr. V of the "dropped vase series" I started in 2019.

Dimensions: 23 x 21 x 18 cm

For the decor I used two scenes from paintings of the great Hokusai. The first one is called "two beauties" and shows a standing courtesan and a sitting married woman. The second one is called "the reed gatherer" and refers to a story where an old man is reunited with his long lost son.

this sculpture is glazed and painted ceramics and holds water.

Dropped Vase III, Hat Catching, 2020, available in Shop

Sumo Ringer Woman Vase, 2020, ceramics, 16x11x7 cm, available in shop

Acrobats, ceramic sculpture, 2020, 34x19x13 cm, available in shop

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